HygroMatic I

About HygroMatic I

HygroMatic I is a precision Humidity and Temperature Controlled Chamber with high reliability, stability and uniformity using advanced PID controller and high-quality components. This model was designed to address temperature and humidity calibration environments where uncertainties are of high importance and tight tolerances are demanded.

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  • Fast Response Times
  • Remote Capabilities
  • Dual Smart Desiccant Technology

Key Specs

  • Relative Humidity accuracy of +/-0.6% @ 23°C
  • Relative Humidity Repeatability of +/-0.05% @ 23°C
  • Temperature accuracy of +/- 0.05°C
  • Temperature Stability of +/-0.05°C
  • Relative Humidity range of 2% – 98% Relative Humidity
  • Temperature range of 2°C to 58°C