Humidity Generators

GEO Calibration’s highly accurate humidity generators focus on accuracy, . Our humidity generators are quick and highly accurate humidity generators. World-class humidity generators for all applications including humidity probes and hygrometer calibration, pharmaceutical R&D, soil and powder testing, humidity control in an external chamber. GEO Calibration’s humidity generators.

Model 4000 - 38 Liter Humidity and Temperature Calibrator

Model 4000

The Model 4000 is an advanced, automated, 38 Liter, humidity and temperature generator / calibrator for high volume, high accuracy applications.

Features include:

  • 38 Liter Working Volume
  • Hot Swapping Desiccant Cells
  • Automatic Probe Calibration
  • Automatic ramp/soak
  • 10 Probe Capacity Standard
  • Large Touch Screen Interface
  • Ability to Use Air Inputs (Nitrogen, Helium)

Model 2000 SHR

The Model 2000 SHR is a heavily ruggedized, field deployable, humidity and temperature generator / calibrator.

Features include:

  • Hard Plastic Outer Enclosure
  • Front and Rear Hard Plastic Clamp Lids
  • Rackmount Capability
  • Automatic ramp/soak
  • Unrestricted amount of set points
  • Front Mounted Desiccant
  • Illuminated Water Level Indicator


Model 2015 – TS

The Model 2015 – TS is the latest chamber in the Model 2000 series.

It features:

  • Embedded Touch Screen
  • Remote Login Capabilities
  • Automatic Charting of Probe Data
  • Custom Doors for Dataloggers and Chart Recorders


Model 2000 SH

The Model 2000 SH is lightweight and rackmount capable, with a shorter body.

Features include:

  • Front Mounted Controls
  • Lighter Weight
  • Rackmount Capable
  • Automatic ramp/soak
  • Unlimited set points
  • Export calibration data to digital format
  • No hand held meter needed


Hygro Mini

The Hygro-Mini is designed specifically for on-site and field Rh probe calibration.

Features Include:

  • 5 hour long battery life
  • 10-70% Rh range
  • New reservoir design maintains accuracy at all orientations
  • Carrying case included


Model 2000 SP

Features include:

  • Calibrate up to four probes at a time
  • Generate humidity in an external chamber
  • Soil and Powder sampling door to measure changes in sample weight in specific humidity and temperature conditions

Model 1000 sm

Model 1000

Features include:

  • Portable design with carrying case for field calibration
  • Calibrate up to three probes at a time
  • Can utilize the DFB feature with the addition of a Model DFB 44 extension
  • Easy change external desiccant