• Model-2015
  • Model-2015-3
  • Model2015-CRD-Shine
The Model 2015 – TS is the latest chamber from GEO in the Model 2000 series.


  • Embedded Touch Screen
  • Remote Login Capabilities
  • Automatic Charting of Probe Data
  • Custom Doors for Dataloggers and Chart Recorders
Range | Rh
Range | Temp

Uncertainty | Rh
Uncertainty | Temp

Uniformity | Rh

Uniformity | Temp

Stability | Rh
Stability | Temp
5 – 95% Rh
10°C – 55°C

+- 1.0% Rh or better
+- 0.1°C or better

±.1% @ 10%-50%Rh
±.3% @ 50%-90%Rh
±.4% @ 90%-96%Rh
±.1°C @ 50%RH

±0.2%RH or better

Specifications Sheet

Software Manual

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Full Specifications


Humidity @ 23°C

± 0.1°C or better

7-80%RH ± 1.0% RH or better 6

80-95%RH ± 1.25%RH or better
Humidity @23°C
Humidity @30°C
Humidity @35°C
Humidity @40°C
Humidity @50°C

10-55°C 2
7% to 95% RH 7
7% to 90% RH 7
7% to 85% RH 7
7% to 80% RH 7
7% to 70% RH 7

±0.3%RH or better
±0.2%RH @ 10% to 50%RH
±0.3%RH @ 50% to 90%RH
±0.4%RH @ 90% to 96%RH

-25°C to 45°C 8

RH and Temp
Controller Type
±0.5%RH and ±0.1°C 5
PID Controller
-40°C to 60°C
0% to 100%

2-pressure method/reference compare 3

Traceable to NIST
1.5°C / Minute (Typical)
5°C / Minute (Typical)

5 minutes (Typical Steps) 4
10 minutes (Typical Over Range) 4

USB (USB to USB cable included)
Customized PID Controller, Front Panel
Interface and LCD display

User friendly software included, free of charge. Upgrades include database management, and customer probe history logs for future reference.

Universal 110/220VAC, 50/60 Hz

Weight 28 lbs (14kg)
Weight 32 lbs (16kg) (shipping)

45cm x 36cm x 21cm

-25°C to 45°C 8

200mm (depth) x 145mm (diameter)

Port sizes 12.5mm, 19mm and 25mm

Port sizes from 6mm to 32mm

12V DC @ 1A (Power Supply for Calibrating Probes)

1 Typical performance specification for the system’s internal chamber. Insert is required for higher accuracy.
2 Specified low temp is 5°C, but typically temp is 15°C below ambient. For high accuracy, insulated door is recommended.
3 Adjustment of system using standard calibrated by 2-pressure readings
4 After chamber reaches and maintains temperature equilibrium.
5 Laboratory certificates of Thunder Scientific control probe calibration (Accredited NVLAP 200582-0) provided with system.
6 This accuracy stated represents a worst case scenario. Typically the accuracy is ±0.6% or better.
7 To achieve low RH values, dessicant must be 50% unused or better. To achieve high humidity values, system must be warmed up.
8 System software calculates dew point in real time to prevent condensation.