• Model-2015
  • Model-2015-3
  • Model2015-CRD-Shine
The Model 2015 – TS is the latest chamber from GEO in the Model 2000 series.


  • Embedded Touch Screen
  • Remote Login Capabilities
  • Automatic Charting of Probe Data
  • Custom Doors for Dataloggers and Chart Recorders
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Full Specifications


Humidity @ 23°C

± 0.1°C or better

7-80%RH ± 1.0% RH or better 6

80-95%RH ± 1.25%RH or better

5 minutes (Typical Steps) 4
10 minutes (Typical Over Range) 4

1 Typical performance specification for the system’s internal chamber. Insert is required for higher accuracy.
2 Specified low temp is 5°C, but typically temp is 15°C below ambient. For high accuracy, insulated door is recommended.
3 Adjustment of system using standard calibrated by 2-pressure readings
4 After chamber reaches and maintains temperature equilibrium.
5 Laboratory certificates of Thunder Scientific control probe calibration (Accredited NVLAP 200582-0) provided with system.
6 This accuracy stated represents a worst case scenario. Typically the accuracy is ±0.6% or better.
7 To achieve low RH values, dessicant must be 50% unused or better. To achieve high humidity values, system must be warmed up.
8 System software calculates dew point in real time to prevent condensation.